4660 TITAN 4 in 1 high-visibility coat

4660 TITAN 4 in 1 high-visibility coat
Eső, víz elleni védelemHideg elleni védelemSzél elleni védelemMechanikai védelem
EN 13688:2013; EN 20471
Polyurethane covered, water-resistant Oxford polyester outside material
Off-zippable inner layer
Off-zippable sleeves on the inner layer
The two layers together can be used as a winter coat, the inner layer can be used as a raincoat or a windbreaker
The inner layer can be transformed into a vest or a jacket
Two horizontal light-reflecting lines on the body and arms, and one vertical on the body
Comfortable and long lasting wear
Available in sizes: M-4XL
Product details
Cold protection
Mechanical protection
Rain, water protection
Wind protection

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