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Industrial vending

We would like to give you a brief introduction to the operation of our glove dispenser (overhead material vending machine), and at the same time offer the opportunity to operate the "external warehouse" in addition to the delivery of gloves. With its help, your company's costs for high-loss products are significantly reduced case.

Products continuously available every day of the week
Providing exclusive access to the product database
Full control over products and stock.
Creation of 250 different reports and statements.
E-mail contact with internal and external suppliers
No need to make orders! We monitor the current stock and
products are constantly replenished
The number of warehouse visits is reduced because the products are close to the workers.
The weight of the device is reduced by 20-30%

In addition to gloves, we are ready to supply other overhead materials, tools, abrasives, etc. to distribute from the machines.


Filling the machine with goods is carried out by the service provider as agreed;
The service provider performs the maintenance and possible repairs of the machine;
Depending on the package size, 1000-1200 units can be placed in the machine;
It is also possible to test the machine

Overhead dispenser:

Overhead dispensers are the 21st century. are among the useful achievements of the 20th century that result in cost efficiency for companies. By installing and using the machines, savings of up to 30-50% can be achieved. The products are available to users continuously, 24 hours a day. The register of devices is easily transparent. It is easy to control users, waste is eliminated, the utilization of workers' working time increases, and administrative tasks are proportionately reduced and simplified.


Advantages of automatic logistics:

Inventory management
Asset inventory
records per employee;
simple reporting

At the push of a button, the automated background IT system presents you with the desired data and statistics, broken down daily, weekly, monthly, in relation to the issued products, either per person or per machine.


Areas of use of the system:

machinery industry
automotive industry
electronics industry
pharmaceutical and chemical industry

Kinds and types of vending machines:

overhead material dispensing machine (spiral-elevator);
protective equipment dispensing machine (spiral)
automatic tool dispenser (turntable);
vending machine (elevator) that dispenses bottled production aids;

There are a wide range of options for uploading products:

personal protective equipment (hair nets, ear protectors, earplugs, masks, dust masks, gloves, goggles, knee and elbow protectors, individual dosimeters, etc.);
maintenance and repair materials (screw looseners and lubricants, insulating and sealing materials, sprays, paints, adhesives, marking tools, etc.);
cleaning products (glass and metal cleaners, cleaning powders, cleaning sprays, cleaning pastes, etc.);
hand tools and their accessories (drill shanks, thread cutters, cutting discs, tool inserts, tool heads, tweezers, keys, etc.)

The products can be placed in the vending machines according to the use, adapted to individual needs

in original packaging;
according to the established place;
in packaging according to individual needs;
per assembled set in boxed, bottle packaging.