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Clothes renting service


In addition to the production of work clothes, our company also deals with the service and washing of rented work clothes in its laundry at its central location. After the beginning, this activity increasingly became our main activity, indicating that domestic companies are looking for the most effective solution for cleaning their work clothes.

Please feel free to contact us regarding our services.

Markoó Kft.'s comprehensive workwear service includes the following:

Personal needs assessment with the decision maker, or with the contact person
Production and up-to-date storage of clothes
Washing, drying, ironing and repairing work clothes
Delivery of work clothes
Necessary replacements for intended use
Computerized records
Personal Customer Service to ensure flexibility
Ensuring an optimal number of changes of clothes
Flexible reduction of the amount of clothes, or increase according to changing needs
Custom ID tag
Cabinet distribution system /Optional/
We supply the work clothes with a unique company logo upon request

The advantage of the service:

The system is completely independent and requires minimal administration
All workers receive clean clothes every day
It is not charged to the budget in one sum, but spread over 12 months, with monthly invoicing
The entire clothing supply is the responsibility of the service provider, there are no storage costs
Service process:

Each employee receives work clothes with their own name, which they can put on from the storage compartment allocated to them
At the end of working hours, the worker places the laundry in the collection cabinet
All workers can wear clean clothes every day.
Our company delivers the work clothes for cleaning once or twice a week, as agreed
Storage cupboards are required for the distribution of work clothes and the collection of laundry, which we provide to the customer upon request.

All clothes are labeled with a name and, upon request, chipped
The work clothes are read and handed over and received in a bag total with a scanning scanner when handing over and receiving
After reading, we will send a delivery note, which will be sent by e-mail after signing on a tablet
The operation of our laundry complies with the hygiene regulations of the single-passenger system.
Our laundry meets hygiene standards, the quality of our laundry is regularly audited by Nébih, and many of our users also visit it regularly.